Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Job Outlook

Teaching is a wonerdful job for many people. Like every job though, there are only a limited number of positions. In the coming years, many more teaching jobs will open. The number of students enrolled in school is increasing. With this increase, schools need to hire more teachers. This is great for students who are current education majors. Though job markets vary by area, they are increasing as a whole. Depending on the subject area and the area one looks for a job, it may soon become easier to find a teaching position than it is now.


What is teaching?

Teaching is made up of many different components. Teachers help to teach students concepts that they need to learn. They teach subjects like math, science, english, and social studies. All of these subjects help the student to become well rounded individuals and to better understand more difficult concepts. Elementary school teachers usually teach all of the subjects that are taught to the students. They find ways to relate these subjectsto everyday life and to one another. They also help to create a base for further learner in the student's educational career.

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Integrating Technology in Classrooms

Technology can be a very useful thing for teachers. Not only can it help the teachers to teach a lesson, it can also help to keep students focused. Most every student will find it easier and more enjoyable to do some sort of interactive learning on a computer as opposed to reading out of a book. While reading out of a book is not a bad thing, it can bore students quickly. Using the technonlgy also helps to teach the students how to use it properly. Using technonlgy more in the classroom is definately something all teachers should consider.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Educational Blogs

There are specific guidelines that every teacher must consider while creating a blog. Schools have specific guidelines that teachers must follow. The district will have an acceptable use policy that applies to internet use. Students must be taught appropriate ways to use the internet. The must know that they should not give out any personal information on the internet and in blogs. Also, before students participate in blogs, they must have permission from their parents. All of this must be carefully evaluated and taken care of before students create blogs.

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